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If you have ever had rental property, you know the destruction that tenants can leave behind after they are gone.  If you are a potential tenant, the landlord may decide to raise the rent in order to cover previous damages and to ensure that you do not cause any more.  This means that you are paying for someone else’s mistakes.  If you own commercial property, you want to make sure that the tenant is following the rental agreement and not causing problems for other business tenants on the property.

The information you can find in a resident background check relates to previous rental addresses, any negative comments regarding untimely payment of rent and/or any damages caused.  For a residential property owner, this information can be essential in preserving one’s property.  For a commercial property owner, this information can be helpful in reducing the chances of losing good tenants based on the actions of one bad tenant.

Having this information is a way to verify that the individual or business you are renting to is a responsible party and can depended upon to adhere to the rental contract signed.  If a tenant does not comply with the rules and regulations, or damages the property, not only will you have repair costs, but in some instances there is a delay in being able to rent the property out to new tenants, which means a delay in rental income.

You can attempt to complete a resident screening or resident background check online with various search engines such as Google or Yahoo, but this is difficult because of the similarity in names all over the world, both individual and business.   A search by name can be time consuming and lead you in all different directions, maybe you will eventually get to some of the information you need, but not enough to make an informed decision about signing a lease agreement with a potential resident.  You could try a private investigator or investigation service, but you would then be looking at a huge bill and a delayed response.

Spyspace offers a quick, efficient and confidential way to screen residents, type in the name of the individual or business you are screening in the search box above and you will be provided with a free preview of the background information that you are seeking.

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