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It seems that every day some child somewhere is being abducted or injured by unspeakable methods.  What makes it even more tragic and treacherous is the fact that a lot of these acts against our children are made by people in our neighborhoods and communities.  It is hard to protect your child from danger if you do not have an idea of the danger that lives in your community.

You can go online and complete a sex offender search to find out who is who in your neighborhood.  You want to find a sex offender list that shows their address, when they were released from prison, how long they have lived in the community, how close they are to schools and parks and where they work.  These are essential pieces of information that you need to keep not only your child safe, but all the children in your community.

Without having knowledge of who these people are, you can never be sure that your children will be safe in their own yard.  Do you really know your new neighbor?  What about the old man that lives in the corner house, right by the bus stop?  The danger that is inherent to all children is real and physical.  If you do not locate the correct information, every child in your community is at risk.

You can easily do a search for a sex offender registry in your area, but in all likelihood it is probably not be up to date.  You can go to the local police or sheriff’s department and ask to review their sex offender list, if they maintain one, and then spend countless hours and effort cross checking names and addresses.

Spyspace is a resource that allows you to perform a confidential search that yields instant results.  Just type the first and last name in the search box and your free preview of information will be at your fingertips.

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