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Marriage Records

If you are working on a family tree, have you hit roadblocks trying to remember who married who and when did they marry?  Your parents are getting ready to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary and you need to get them a great gift.  How about a framed copy of their original birth certificate?

Every married couple has a marriage certificate that lists their names, the date they were married and the county, city and state that they were married in.  There is also a signature from either a preacher or a justice of the peace, depending on who married them.  The executed marriage records are then filed in the Register of Deeds office in most cities and states.

You may need a copy of your marriage certificate to show a change in your health insurance coverage, or if you travel it is helpful to carry a copy of your certificate for extra identification in foreign countries.  You may even need a copy of your marriage records for adoption proceedings or other matters taking place in a court of law.  Without having a copy of your marriage records, you could possibly be disqualified from completing an adoption, or travel can be detained or stopped without the additional identification.

Online searches for marriage records would not provide you with the information you need.  You might be able to find a date or place, but more than likely will not be able to obtain a copy of the actual records.  Some states have a website that allows you access to public marriage records as long as you create an account.  Also, some states require that you put in a request for information, pay the copying charges after which the documents you need will be mailed to you, usually in about 4-6 weeks, depending on the state and the volume of their requests.

By using the search function on Spyspace, a dedicated website that is created specifically to complete public records searches, you can be assured that your search request will be confidential.  You can also be assured that you will get instant and accurate results that you know you can rely on.  There is generally a fee involved for searches, but given that there are no hassles or waiting involved, the fee is minimal and well worth the cost.

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