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Divorce Records

Divorce is a hard thing to go through. It can be drawn out over a number of years and causes a lot of bitter feelings all around. The sad fact is that divorce is becoming more and more prevalent, and it becomes a less expensive and an easier process with time.

When a couple gets divorced, the length of time they were married plays a big role in the settlement process, as well as the amount of property they owned and when they came into possession of the property. There are also retirement accounts, social security accounts, IRA’s to divide and other such items.

When doing a divorce records search, you would most likely try to find out the financial information of the parties, all properties owned and where they are located. You also want to find out if there were previous marriages or prenuptial agreements to guide the divorce. Are children involved, and if so are there also step-children involved? All of these are factors in a divorce proceeding.

If you are looking to purchase a piece of property that was part of a divorce settlement, there may be restrictions on that property, or on how much the property must earn in sale. You may need to know the value of an IRA or 401k that was received through a divorce settlement so that it can be rolled over or reinvested. Completing a search of public divorce records can provide you with this information. Without knowing the ins and outs of the divorce and the terms stated in the settlement agreement, a potential buyer of property can be rejected, the parties could endure federal and state tax fines for improperly rolling over an IRA.

Records of divorce can be found, of course, in the courthouse, although it is a hassle to go and manually search for information. On line searches for public divorce records would not provide you with a lot of the information you need, especially financial information. You might be able to find a date or place, but more than likely will not be able to obtain a copy of the actual records.

Spyspace will find divorce records for you, simply fill out the first and last name and click “search”. You will get fast and accurate results while your search will be 100% private and confidential. Best of all you will be able to preview the information found from the search for free.

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