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Court Records

Have you ever had a contractor take your money without finishing the job?  Have you ever paid for a faulty product and can’t get your money back?  Have you ever sold personal property but never received the payment for it?  These are everyday occurrences, and there is a way to research an individual or a business prior to getting into a frustrating struggle to retrieve your money or property.

If you want to know the background of an individual or business that you are considering working with, then you want to look for public court records that tell you whether or not that particular individual or business has ever had a complaint filed against them in court, if they have been incarcerated, if they have judgments against them or if there has been a name change for any reason.  You can also search birth and death records, as well as, marriage records.  Some states even allow you to obtain drivers license information.

This information can be a vital resource, allowing you to accept or deny a tenant in your rental property or in making a decision about which contractor to use.  You can also determine if there are any registered sex offenders near your home.  This information can also aide in researching ancestry through birth, death and marriage records.   If you have been in an accident, depending on the state in which you reside, you can even obtain the driving record and insurance information of the others involved in the accident.

Without the knowledge that you can obtain from researching public court records, you run the risk of working with less than honorable individuals or businesses.  You risk losing money, property and time.

Conducting a search for online court records can be a difficult task.  Using a search engine to find state court records can lead you in a multitude of different directions, and trying to get onto individual state court and public record websites can be a hassle.

By using a dedicated website like Spyspace, you get the convenience of searching from home, you are assured privacy and you get instant results.  Although there is generally a small fee for using these dedicated search sites, the cost is minimal in comparison to the time you would put into searching on your own, and with any costs associated with most state public records searches.

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