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Birth Records

You may have many hours of work invested into creating your family tree, but you cannot find anyone who remembers when Aunt Martha was born.  Or, you could have spent a year planning the trip of your dreams and all you need is a passport.  You might need a birth certificate to prove the age of your son in order to register him for the youth football league.  Whatever your reason for needing this information, there are multiple ways to go about searching for it.

Every person that is born alive has a birth certificate.  The information you can find on a birth certificate is the date you were born, whether you are male or female, who your parents are and the city and state in which you were born.

If you cannot find the birth records you need, it may result in missing out on that dream vacation you planned for because, sadly, you cannot get a passport without your birth certificate.  If you cannot prove the age of your child, they can be prohibited from playing sports.  Without birth records, you may not be able to have a complete family history.

You can easily do an online search for birth records by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but chances are you will not find what you are looking for.  There is so much information on the internet and thousands of websites use the same words as search tags.  This means that you can type in the word “birth” and you may wind up on a website that provides information about the birth of punk rock, or the birth of the first baby condor in a zoo, but nothing that relates to public birth records of humans!

Some states have a website that allows you access to public birth records as long as you create an account.  Also, some states require that you put in a request for information, pay the copying charges after which the documents you need will be mailed to you, usually in about 4-6 weeks, depending on the state and the volume of their requests.

By using a dedicated website like Spyspace which is created specifically to complete public birth record searches, not only will you be assured that your search request will be confidential, but you will get instant results without the headache of skimming through hundreds of websites to find what you are looking for, or having to wait weeks to get the information mailed to you.  There is generally a fee involved for searches, but given that there are no hassles or waiting involved, the fee is minimal and well worth the cost.

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